Albert Pike’s Esoterika
Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry

Audio Sample: Esoterika

Edited by Arturo de Hoyos, 33, grand archivist and grand historian

Forward by Ronald A. Seale, 33, sovereign grand commander

Contains the complete text of Albert Pikes never-before-published esoteric study of the symbols of Blue Lodge Degrees. Subjects include “The Compasses and the Square”, “The Weapons and Blows of the Assassins”, “The Three Grips”, “The Substitute for the Masters Word”,
“The 47th Problem of Euclid”, “The Truth”, “Is the Cable-tow a Symbol?”, “Corner Stones”, “The Ladder of Jacob”, “Tubal Cain”, “Shibboleth”, and “Solomon and Hiram”.

In addition to the above, Ill. de Hoyos added five appendices: [1] Parallels to the Symbolism of the Blue Degrees, [2] A Letter Touching Masonic Symbolism, [3] Pikes Dependence on Other Sources, [4] The Faith of Albert Pike, and [5] Four Valuable Exposés.

The latter section includes the complete texts of “A Masons Examination” (1723), “The Grand Mystery of Free Masons Discovered (1725), Samuel Prichards “Masonry Dissected” (1730), and “Jachin and Boaz” (1762). The editors critical notes help the listener follow Pikes dissertation and provide additional documentation.

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