About Adam

“Superlatives do not do justice to Adam’s interpretation of my writing. To hear my story come alive through his amazing voice and acting abilities is an emotional experience for me. As Adam sent each chapter to me for comment, my wife and I sat mesmerized, sometimes laughing, at other times at the edge of our seats or even crying. It was a real blessing to have Adam understand the story, bond with it, and narrate it so soulfully.”

-Lester Picker, Author of The First Dynasty Series


Adam’s passion has been acting and public speaking since he was a youngster. Early on he imagined being a television host, or a movie or TV actor. He starred in his first musical at age 12 (as Tom Sawyer). From there, he participated in school and local theater.

As Adam’s business career progressed, he became an accomplished public speaker. He has addressed crowds as large as 7,000, and has even spoken following Bill Gates. A speaker in demand, Adam has often addressed industry and corporate events.

Leveraging his public speaking into Industrial Films and Voice Acting was a natural progression for Adam. With his love of singing and voice, combined with his business expertise, Adam has found a niche providing a voice to audio books.

Now Adam is available to work for you – and to bring your words to life.

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