The Venetian Code
Vatican Knights Book 28

Audio Sample: The Venetian Code

In Cana, Jesus performs the first of His miracles that unites the Apostles.

In 1307, a Templar Knight who is on the run from Philip the Fair carries a sacred relic of priceless value.

In Germany, a collector of rare books purchases a tome on the black market that holds the key to finding the Templar treasure and the holiest of holy relics, the Cup of Miracles.

In Dubai, a Russian oligarch hires a team of elite assassins who are former operatives from Russian Special Forces.

Beneath the city of Venice lies a mysterious warren filled with dark secrets. When Vatican Intelligence discovers that a sacred artifact is about to be claimed by a treasure hunter, the Vatican Knights are sent on a mission to stop the thievery of the church’s most cherished article. But to reach the treasure, they must solve the Templar riddles that are as deadly as they are complexing while opposing an elite group of assassins, the Russian Spetsnaz. Discovering a hidden entryway inside a church in Venice, the mission becomes clear that the Vatican Knights will be fighting against a double-edged sword with the odds highly against them.

From bestselling author Rick Jones comes the newest installment of the Vatican Knights series.

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