The Necrology Report
Vatican Knights Book 29

Audio Sample:  The Necrology Report

In Paris, a man’s suicide sets off a chain of events.

Days later, the Vatican’s cybersecurity system is breached by a hostile element that forwards necrology reports on members of the Vatican that, in detail, spell out the time and manner of their executions.

Off the shores of the Carribean and in the Swiss Alps, two members who are tied to the church are executed and a third is abducted.

The Necrology Report (The Vatican Knights Series Book 29) by [Rick Jones]When the Vatican receives a third necrology report that outlines the impending time and death of the top-tier abductee, the Vatican Knights are forced to operate within a small window of opportunity to locate and extract the hostage before the final obituary comes to completion.

Tracing the breaches to an island stronghold off the coast of Greece, Kimball Hayden and his team of Vatican Knights maneuver to locate the abductee.

As the Vatican Knights prepare to launch an aggressive campaign against the compound, Kimball learns that his island nemesis is an associate with his most notorious enemy, the Bangladeshi, and is a man who is as clever as he is cruel.

With the stronghold guarded by more than 100 mercenaries, the Vatican Knights find themselves outmanned and outgunned with little chance of success. But to achieve the means, the team has no choice but to take on a suicide mission to save the life of one of their own

From bestselling author Rick Jones comes the newest installment of the Vatican Knights series.

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