The Crimson Dagger
Vatican Knights Book 23

Audio Sample: The Crimson Dagger

In Vienna, one of religion’s greatest treasures is stolen from the Imperial Treasury. 

In Washington, DC, Shari Cohen finds herself in a struggle between life and death. 

In Austria, an elite terrorist faction commandeers a state-of-the-art high-rise. 

When the Spear of Destiny is stolen by members of the Islamic State with its leader believing that the possessor of the Holy Lance has the ability to command powerful legions, they quickly find themselves in a position of “no escape” inside a towering skyscraper. Now that the power of the Holy Lance is in the hands of Ali Mustafa, he now finds himself with the opportunity to test its value and strength against those who dare oppose him. 

At the Vatican, a corrupt pontiff sees the prospect of bolstering his political power by dispatching a team of Vatican Knights to acquire the artifact, which is now in the hands of a master terrorist. But when the Vatican Knights make a hard run at Mustafa and his insurgent team inside the tower, they soon discover that they’re up against insurmountable odds from a dangerous menace above and an unconquerable threat from below. 

Now hemmed in with Death surrounding the team from all sides, Kimball begins to wonder if he’ll ever see the woman that he loves not knowing that she, too, is in a personal struggle to survive. 

Will the Vatican Knights claim the artifact? Or will the willpower imposed upon it by Ali Mustafa become too great for Kimball Hayden’s team to overcome? Will Shari Cohen survive her own battle to survive? Or would an untimely death return Kimball once more to a Darkness he will never return from? 

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