Vatican Knights Book 27

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In Los Angeles, the niece of an esteemed cardinal of the Vatican is abducted by an Albanian mob.

Kimball Hayden, a man without a country or the support of the church, soon finds himself in the crosshairs of an indigenous black-op unit that is trying to terminate him for secrets that could set off a political firestorm.

While Kimball fights for survival on two fronts, he bonds with an unlikely savior: Cardinal Gallo, the man who was instrumental in spearheading court-martial proceedings against Kimball Hayden as a Vatican Knight.

Together with a small unit of Vatican Knights, Kimball quickly discovers that the man behind the black-op forces is commanded by Shari Cohen’s husband, a man with a very dark and sinister past.

Lacking in numbers, Kimball must prove himself to the Vatican by overcoming an Albanian team of precision assassins and a sanctioned kill team from the United States government.

But most of all, he must confront the man behind it all, the husband of Shari Cohen.

From bestselling author Rick Jones comes his newest novel of intrigue and non-stop action with award-nominated executive producer Ileen Maisel stating: Each of the action thriller novels will leave readers gripped. A global television series is currently in development.

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