The First Pharaoh
(First Dynasty Book 1)

Audio Sample: The First Pharaoh 

Throughout antiquity Egypt was a land of hundreds of tiny villages, with constantly warring tribes, loosely divided between Upper and Lower Egypt. Then, in the space of a few extraordinary decades, the impossible happened. An incredible man, King Narmer (also known as Menes), united Upper and Lower Egypt. The First Pharaoh retells the story of Narmer and his epic journey, seen through his eyes and … Continue reading…

The Dagger of Isis
(First Dynasty Book 2)

Audio Sample: The Dagger of Isis
Dangers lurk for the first woman Pharaoh. The Dagger of Isis, Book II of the The First Dynasty Series, traces the life of Meryt-Neith, the first female ruler of a united Egypt. From her marriage to King Wadjet to her eventual coronation after his death, this tale of intrigue and betrayal follows her ascension, the wars she fought and the loves … Continue reading…

(First Dynasty Book 3)

Audio Sample: Qa’a

With the sudden death of his father, 16-year old Qa’a is thrust onto the throne, unprepared for rule. He is at the mercy of the cunning Chief Priest, Khenemet and his evil disciple. A chance meeting with a successful trader, Nomti, creates a friendship that brings glory to the Two Lands.

But Qa’a’s missteps bring the newly unified country to war. Unrest follows as the underground … Continue reading…