Leverage: This Is What Successful People Do: How to Leverage Your Life to Achieve Results Faster and Accomplish More

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Do you want to reach your goals faster? Accomplish more in less time? Do you want to scale your business and your life to make your dreams come true? Then you need to know what every successful person knows. You need to know about leverage.

The first thing people think when they hear the word leverage is that has to do with money and money … Continue reading…

Writing A Book: Shortcuts Made Easy: A Guide On How To Write Your Book Today

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The writing process is important and should not be neglected. It’s the foundation you must build in order to reach your writing goals. Writing A Book: Shortcuts Made Easy will teach you 10 of the most innovative and easy-to-implement shortcuts new writers are using today to improve their writing. Game changers like having two or more projects on the go, tips … Continue reading…

Parenting 101: Love & Logic

Audio Sample: Parenting 101: Love & Logic Sample

Bestselling author Law Payne shares tips and tricks for raising happy, healthy kids

In this concise book, the remarkable Law Payne shares his tips for ensuring trouble-free childhood. From Potty Training to Temper Tantrums, Eating Habits to Routines, Payne clearly and succinctly … Continue reading…