The Goliath Chamber
Vatican Knights Book 24

Audio Sample: Goliath Chamber

In a hidden chamber beneath an estate in Zurich, a tomblike vault is discovered containing the Unholy Trinity: Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

In Paris, an elite assassin resurfaces with the intent to raze three major cities through acts of terrorism.

In Rome, an old and deadly faction rises once again to remove Kimball Hayden permanently from the ranks of the Vatican … Continue reading…

A Jewish Dystopian Thriller

Audio Sample: Judenrein

Zack Gurevitz has had a checkered past. A Yeshiva boy, turned Green Beret, turned junkie, excommunicated by his one-time faith and now the potential savior of people he doesn’t even like. 

As a white supremacist movement stealthily takes the reins of power in America, it is again the Jews who are made out as scapegoats. Stripped of wealth and citizenship, they are made to live … Continue reading…

The Crimson Dagger
Vatican Knights Book 23

Audio Sample: The Crimson Dagger

In Vienna, one of religion’s greatest treasures is stolen from the Imperial Treasury. 

In Washington, DC, Shari Cohen finds herself in a struggle between life and death. 

In Austria, an elite terrorist faction commandeers a state-of-the-art high-rise. 

When the Spear of Destiny is stolen by members of the Islamic State with its leader believing that the possessor of the Holy Lance has the … Continue reading…

Force No One: A Thriller
Storm Cell Book 1

Audio Sample: Force No One

“For Tom Clancy fans who like their characters strong and the hardware cool—don’t miss this.”

— Doug Richardson, screenwriter of DIE HARD 2 and BAD BOYS and author of the LUCKY DEY crime series

A homicide in Detroit usually doesn’t raise many eyebrows, but a victim is found with a business card from a Department of Homeland Security enforcement cell no one’s ever … Continue reading…

The Eye of Moses
Vatican Knights Book 22

Audio Sample: The Eye of Moses

In France, a member of a secret guild is killed for the secrets he keeps.

In Croatia, a stronghold is breached, and a treasure is stolen.

At the Vatican, a corrupt pontiff views Kimball Hayden as a threat to his rule.

When a Croatian stronghold is breached and scores are killed, a religious icon is stolen that contains a dark particle that’s … Continue reading…

The Sinai Directive
Vatican Knights Book 20

Audio Sample: The Sinai Directive

In Egypt, those within the Saint Catherine Monastery are brutally attacked and a secret that has been hidden for more than 3,500 years is stolen.

In Zurich, an arms dealer makes an agreement with a band of elite terrorists for one-of-a-kind weapons of mass destruction, for a treasure that was presumed destroyed during the Exodus.

When a conversation between two men is covertly … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Morals and Dogma

Audio Sample: Morals and Dogma

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This is Albert Pikes’ 861 page volume of ‘lectures’ on the esoteric roots of Freemasonry, specifically the 32-degree Scottish Rite. Until 1964, this book was given to every Mason completing the 14th degree in the Southern jurisdiction of the US Scottish Rite Freemasons.

Though it discusses … Continue reading…

A Thick Crimson Line
A Mike Walton Thriller

Audio Sample: A Thick Crimson Line

1979 Iran: Hours before the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty, eight American-trained SAVAK intelligence officers defect to the United States carrying with them a secret that could one day propel Iran to the rank of superpower.

2018 United States: When another series of peace talks over Iran’s nuclear program fails and a rogue Iranian general flees to Greece to meet with a high-ranking … Continue reading…

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek
(Heirloom Edition)

Audio Sample: Hidden Treasure of DBC

An eight year old boy named James, aka the wannabe Cisco Kid, nearly lost his life as he searched for precious metal in a bone dry southwest Arizona gully. He retrieved only pyrite before a desert flood swept away his world.

Over the course of half a century James acquired several additional nicknames. They were reflections of his multiple personalities. His … Continue reading…

The Moses Deception

Audio Sample: The Moses Deception

Archaeologists Adam Chase and Lara Newton head an archaeological dig in the mountainous, arid no-man’s-land on the border of Turkey and Syria, sponsored by an eccentric billionaire recluse, Buckeye Calhoun, whose obsession is Biblical inerrancy. A hillman attached to the dig leads Adam and Lara to a stunning discovery in a remote cave: a hidden ancient fragment of the tablets shattered by Moses … Continue reading…

A Red Dotted Line
A Mike Walton Thriller

Audio Sample: A Red Dotted Line

Terrorism became personal for Mike Walton on his last mission―a mission that resulted in triumph…and devastating tragedy. Now the stakes have been raised again.

Mike and his wife Lisa―both covert assets of the International Market Stabilization Institute, a privately funded organization operating outside official channels to protect North America’s financial interests―are sent to Russia after an attempt on their superior officer’s life. It … Continue reading…

Leverage: This Is What Successful People Do: How to Leverage Your Life to Achieve Results Faster and Accomplish More

Audio Sample: Leverage Sample

Do you want to reach your goals faster? Accomplish more in less time? Do you want to scale your business and your life to make your dreams come true? Then you need to know what every successful person knows. You need to know about leverage.

The first thing people think when they hear the word leverage is that has to do with money and money … Continue reading…

Writing A Book: Shortcuts Made Easy: A Guide On How To Write Your Book Today

Audio Sample: Writing a Book Sample

The writing process is important and should not be neglected. It’s the foundation you must build in order to reach your writing goals. Writing A Book: Shortcuts Made Easy will teach you 10 of the most innovative and easy-to-implement shortcuts new writers are using today to improve their writing. Game changers like having two or more projects on the go, tips … Continue reading…

Shepherd One
Vatican Knights Book 2

Audio Sample: Shepherd One

While traveling across the United States during the Papal Symposium, the papal plane, Shepherd One, is commandeered by a terrorist cell calling itself the Muslim Revolutionary Front. On board: a nuclear payload with half the yield that destroyed Hiroshima. Their demand to the U.S. government: assassinate the five leading principals of Mossad. While the American leadership is forced to follow through with a proposition … Continue reading…

The Menagerie
Eden Saga Book 2

Audio Sample: The Menagerie




Nearly sixty-five million years ago an asteroid collided with the Yucatan Peninsula in the fifth and final Extinction Event that nearly destroyed all life on Earth. But when a recent earthquake exposes something unusual 2000 feet beneath the Yucatan Peninsula, cryptanalysts Alyssa Moore and John Savage are … Continue reading…

When Men in Black Attack
The Strange Case of Albert K. Bender

Audio Sample: Foreword

In the year 1984, many Americans began to fear that the “surveillance state” predicted by George Orwell might be coming to pass. As a result, legendary writer and ufologist Gray Barker decided to revisit – and hopefully encapsulate – the strange case of Albert K. Bender, who was famously “hushed up” by three Men in Black in 1953 – despite heading up the largest and most … Continue reading…

The Thin Black Line
A Mike Walton Thriller

Audio Sample: The Thin Black Line

Mike Walton had experienced terrorism from every angle. As a covert field operations officer, he thought he’d seen it all. But that was before terrorism struck him directly at home. Suffering devastating physical injury and unthinkable personal loss, Mike had one of two choices: give up or fight back. And giving up wasn’t in his makeup.

Mike and his wife Lisa – … Continue reading…

Space Review

Audio Sample: Space Review

New Saucerian is delighted to present Albert K. Bender’s “Space Review,” a collection of volumes from Bender’s quarterly magazine of the same name.Bender was the founder of the first major UFO club in the world, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), founded in 1952. Even though the bureau was a great success, it was mysteriously closed down the following year.This rare anthology was originally published … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
The Philosophy of Masonry in Five Parts

Audio Sample: Philosophy of Masonry in Five Parts Sample

Pound begins his discourse with an examination of what he deems to be the four major systems of Masonic philosophy. Two of these are intellectual systems: First that of Preston, whose key word is Knowledge; second, that of Krause, whose key word is Morals. Two of these are spiritual

systems: First that … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Druidism and Freemasonry

Audio Sample: Druidism and Freemasonry

Mackey examines the popular belief among scholars of his day that the rites of Freemasonry are remnants of ancient Druids ceremonies, or that at the very least the ceremonies of the two share a common origin, such as the pagan mysteries, travelling Buddhists or perhaps the Phoenicians. In doing so, he gives an excellent history lesson on who the Druids were and what their … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Rosicrucians, Their History and Aims

Audio Sample: Rosicrucians – Their History and Aims

Brother Westcott is the perfect man to write on the aims of the Rosicrucians and their relationship to Freemasonry, as he was not only a Mason and a Rosicrucian himself, but held the office of Supreme Magus of the masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. So, along with a thorough history of how the traditional Rosicrucian Order evolved over hundreds of years, … Continue reading…

Theosophical Classics
Occult Arts

Audio Sample: Occult Arts

In his treatise on the Occult Arts, William Judge explores a process of precipitation that could only be described as a sort of astral alchemy, such as was taught by the Theosophical Society, at the time. To Madame Blavatsky and her peers in the Spiritualism movement, this was a popular method of receiving messages, sometimes in the form of a cypher, from the Masters of … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Religious and Masonic Symbolism of Stones

Audio Sample: Symbolism of Stones

Westcott begins by reminding us that when we first enter into our Masonic initiation, as the candidate, we represent the rough ashlar, the unfinished stone. From there, he proceeds to point out a vast number of Biblical references to stones, while reminding us, that the worship of stones is one of the earliest forms of religious observance. Brother Westcott details at great length, … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
The Story of Hiram Abiff

Audio Sample: Story of Hiram Abiff 

Though generally unknown to the Entered Apprentice and the Fellow Craft when beginning their journey into Craft Masonry, the character of Hiram Abiff is the principle player in the unfolding drama of the Master Mason degree. Strangely, though, he hasn’t always been there. Where did Hiram Abiff come from and when was he incorporated into the mythology of Freemasonry? Was he an invention … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
The Mystical Basis of Masonry

Audio Sample: Mystical Basis of Masonry 

Acclaimed masonic writer, W. L. Wilmshurst approaches this topic with fervor, asserting that, “Masonry was not intended to be, and is not, a high-grade Friendly Society and its charitable energies are merely an incident of, and not the motive for, its existence. That it is a school of morality, tending to promote peace and goodwill amongst men, which is also wholly true, again … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Freemasonry and its Relation to the Essenes

Audio Sample: Freemasonry and its Relation to the Essenes

Masonic scholar William Wynn Westcott examines the assertion that the ancient religious sect, known as the Essenes, was in many ways a precursor to the Masonic fraternity. In addition to the notable features of brotherly love, relief, truth, morality and universal tolerance, there were much more tangible similarities, such as initiation, oaths, modes of recognition and the reception of an … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Masonic Symbolism of the Apron

Audio Sample: The Masonic Apron

This collection of essays by five notable Masonic scholars (Joseph Fort Newton, Albert Mackey, Bro. H. L. Haywood, Bro. H. A. Kingsbury, J. George Gibson), discuses the single most important symbol that Freemasonry has. It covers the antiquity as well as the esoteric symbolism of our most valued vestiture and what is often overlooked by those outside of the fraternity: a simple, square, white, … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Washington as a Freemason

Audio Sample: Washington as a Freemason 

Brother Mackey sets out to dispel the notion that George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, was anything but a Freemason. He provides ample documentary evidence to support what now has become a common claim. But, Mackey goes beyond simply showing us proof … Continue reading…

Theosophical Classics
An Introduction to Theosophy

Audio Sample: Intro to Theosophy

Madame Helena Blavatsky, in two introductory essays, offers students of Theosophical beliefs a wide-reaching and worldly outlook on the Ancient Mysteries. While demonstrating that much like Rosicrucian and Masonic philosophy, Theosophy has, at the heart of its doctrine, the concept of a Universal Brotherhood, she by no means forgets to include numerous Eastern influences, which help set apart the distinctive path of Theosophy, from … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Masonic Symbolism in Shakespeare

Audio Sample: Masonic Symbolism in Shakespeare

As any Freemason will tell you, there are certain words, symbols and phrases that one primarily encounters during Masonic ritual. Two notable Masonic authors examine the works of Shakespeare in an effort to determine if there is any merit to the claim of his rumored involvement in Freemasonry, … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Freemasonry and Monasticism in the Middle Ages

Audio Sample: Monasticism

In order to become a member of the Masonic fraternity, an individual must kneel before the members of a Lodge, while professing their trust in a God of their choosing. As such, while Freemasonry itself is not a religion, it is, without a doubt, spiritually tied to all religions. And, with the building of all great cathedrals and temples to honor the Great Architect of the … Continue reading…

The Ancient Druids: Their History and Religion

Audio Sample: The Ancient Druids: Introduction Centuries before whisperings began, of secret knowledge being handed down from the ancient Greeks, through shrouded fraternities such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, the Druids were slowly and steadfastly creating priests and philosophers of their own, akin to the Brahmans of India, the Magi of the Persians, as … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
The Ancient Mysteries

Audio Sample: The Ancient Mysteries

Not simply satisfied with the signs, grips and words of workmen at temples, from a bygone past, the author wants to know what lies beyond these pedestrian tales told to the newly made mason, of our history. Brother Bush engages in justifiable pride examining the mysteries of ancient Egypt … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Masonic Symbolism of Easter

Audio Sample:  Masonic Symbolism of Easter Our first author utilizes a contrast between the Great God Pan and the Greek Elysium in a creative allegory to speculate on the rebirth of the candidate during the four Capitular degrees of Freemasonry. He explores the marriage of the intellectual and spiritual fire, as well as the egg as a symbol of fertility and its relationship to the new Mason. Brother … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins

Audio Sample:  Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins In this classic treatise by Manly P. Hall, the origins of Rosicrucian and Masonic organizations are discussed and compared. Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity- an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. Before it is possible to intelligently discuss the origin of the Craft, it is necessary, therefore, to establish the existence of these two separate yet interdependent … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Rosicrucianism is Freemasonry

Audio Sample: Rosicrucianism is Freemasonry

Harold Voorhis, notable Masonic scholar and former Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, explores the notion which was only beginning to gain popularity among the fellow masons of his day, that their fraternity is somehow connected through history to the much more elusive and mystical fraternity, … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
The Doorway of Freemasonry & The Mason’s Apron

Audio Sample: The Doorway of Freemasonry & The Mason’s Apron

This volume contains a pair of exploratory essays by Masonic scholar William Harvey. The first seeks to explain the origin and meaning of the word Tyler, as well as describing the history and duties that appertain to the official who guards the Doorway of … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry Series
The Hiramic Legend and the Ashmolean Theory

Audio Sample: The Hiramic Legend and the Ashmolean Theory Worshipful Brother Hextall explores various possible histories of the Hiram Abiff legend in Masonic ritual, focusing largely on noted British alchemist and astrologer Elias Ashmole in the process. He includes speculation on the manufacturing of the Master Mason degree as well as the history of its emergence. And what does the burning of historical Masonic documents in 1720 have to … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry Series
Four Lesser-Known Masonic Essays

Audio Sample: Four Lesser-Known Essays

A collection of four essays by noted Masonic scholar Frank C. Higgins. The first explores the labyrinthine paths of solutions that attempt to define the exact character of the “riddle of the ages” that is known as Freemasonry, as it has survived throughout history, in multiple cultures. In his second essay, “Masonic Archeology”, the author picks up where he left off in the … Continue reading…

Foundations of Freemasonry
Freemasonry From AD 1600 to the Grand Lodge Era

Audio Sample: Freemasonry From 1600 Onwards

With his focus on Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland, noted masonic scholar William Hughan cites numerous examples of early Lodge minutes, in order to show a direct connection to and prove that the Freemasons of today are lineal descendants of those operative builders from the seventeenth century and perhaps more importantly, descendants of early speculative members, often noblemen, who otherwise had no connection … Continue reading…