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Adam's voice and characterizations make the imaginary seem real.

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Adam lets you experience romance as if you are in the story yourself.

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Adam creates an emotional bond with his listeners.

"[Listening to Adam's reading we] sat mesmerized, sometimes laughing, at other times at the edge of our seats or even crying."

LIVE the Story

Adam doesn't just read the book - he creates a virtual play. Characters come alive and the listener becomes part of the story.

The First Dynasty

Enjoy Les Picker's lush and detailed trilogy about intrigue, politics, love and lust in the first pharaonic dynasty.

Foundations of Freemasonry

Gain insight into the history and philosophy of Freemasonry with these selections of essays written by the Craft's great scholars.

What Are They Hiding?

UFOlogist Nick Redfern takes you deep into secret bases and underground fortresses around the world.

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